I (Sharanda) am not a fashion expert nor do I claim to be. I don't have a degree in fashion either. The only experience that I have is my own. I do not post outfits that I would not purchase or wear myself. The blog posts will show you proof of that.

The outfits that are posted on flysista.blogspot.com are outfits that I have purchased and put together myself that I have found online, in stores or thrift stores. 

I felt like you the site visitor could benefit from the affordability of the outfits. That you too can look good and not have to spend so much.

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There are outfits that will be posted that you can purchase and own. I am an affiliate of some of the links therefore I receive commission for each sale. If you decide to purchase any of the clothing listed on this site it is at your own discretion. This site is not responsible for anything concerning the clothing that you purchase.

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I am a member of Google AdSense which allows me to display ads and receive commission when clicked. Some links within this site may lead you to other websites including those operated and maintained by third parties.

These links shown are not in my control. The supporters of this site determines which links are shown.

The information contained on this site is based on my own experience. As the owner of this site I do ask that if you use my information included within the pages that you give me credit for it.

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