Thrift Store Shopping

Don't ever be afraid to go into a thrift store just because someone else has had it before you. Haven't you ever heard of "Another man's trash is another man's treasure".

My very 1st thrift store shopping trip, I purchased a pair of red leather pumps. They were in good condition and only $5.00. As I was going toward the shoes I already had in my mind that I wasn't going to find anything and then I look up and those red shoes caught my attention.

The store was crowded so I couldn't believe those shoes were still on the shelf. They were left there just for me. yea!!!! Give thrift stores a chance. My biggest shopping trip recently, I purchased 10 outfits for my daughter's summer clothes for $60. If I would have went somewhere else I probably would have spent well over $200 for 10 outfits elsewhere.

Thrift Store Fast & Grab
What is the thrift store fast & grab?
Start at the beginning of the rack and look at every item, grab them and put them in your basket. Even if your'e not sure about it then put it in the basket anyway.
Before you get to the checkout go through everything to see if you really want it and if not then you can put it back to avoid overspending. Never give someone else a chance to grab something that you could have grabbed.
Sometimes there are a lot of people looking at the same rack and aisle that you are looking at so doing a fast and grab ensures that you be the first one to get the deal and not them.

~Thrift Store Shopping Tips~
  • Wash every piece of clothing before you wear it. It may have been washed before but you don't that so please wash it anyway. Even if the item is brand new and still have the tag on them wash it anyway.
  • Use washing powder and a scented fabric softener when washing. Some thrift stores just have this smell that tends to get into the clothes sometimes. Its not a stinky smell I just prefer whatever I buy from thrift stores to smell like my own washing powder and fabric softener. Then you have to think about this too someone else had it before you so please wash, wash, wash.
  • Know the store new shipment days so you can know what days you need to come in and shop.
  • Don't be afraid to buy out of season. When that season comes then you will be ready. If may be fall but you may find a lot of summer shirts. Remember you can buy now and use later.You may go back in there to look for those same items that you liked out of season and it may not be there.
  • Try on clothes over your clothes to give you some kind of idea if its going to be too big or too small. If there is no fitting room then find out the store's refund and exchange policy.

What if I find an item of clothing and I don't have anything at home to go with it?

Buy it anyway. You will eventually find something to go with it. Never leave a good deal at the store. You don't want that "I should of got that when I seen it moment".

I can never find full outfits.

I haven't found full outfits yet. I am still in the process of trying to find complete outfits in one thrift store location. This is where your patience kicks in. I hope you have some.  It is my goal to find complete outfits in one thrift store shopping trip. Mostly what I have found is shirts. You can do what I do. I find a shirt at the thrift store and then end up finding pants at another store. Sometimes you have to do it this way.

Nothing fits me right.

Now I have this problem with pants that I have found so far. I go to the store, find several pair of dress pants thinking they would fit me so I didn't try them on. When I get home the pants did not fit. So a little trial and error there. I have found out that just because it comes in your size doesn't mean that its going to fit you right. It all depends on the designer of the clothes. I wear a medium in most shirts but in some brands I wear a small. I wear a size 5 in pants but those pants that I just mentioned were a size 5 and they were too big. So if the store has a fitting room please try on the clothes.

Another thing about thrift stores is that it offers a lot of colors and patterns and it gives you the opportunity to be fashionally creative.

Thrift store shopping can be a wonderful experience. Have fun with it. How you look on the outside determines how you feel in the inside. So whatever deals you find work it like its the best outfit you got.

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