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When I was looking for ways to build up my wardrobe, I thought about Ebay. Ebay was not my first thought it was actually my last. It didn't dawn on me that ebay would have really cheap clothing.

Ebay has shirts, shoes, pants, jewelry whatever you may think of most likely ebay has it. So please check them out. You would be amazed.

I have purchased a lot of shirts for my jeans on ebay and have not paid no more than $5.00 for each shirt!! I have also purchased 4 pair of jeans for $10.

Not $10 each, all 4 pair together was $10. Now that's a steal.

There are pros and cons to ebay shopping.

One pros is that ebay can build up your wardrobe. One con is that if the item is on auction then you have to bid on the item and win the bid.

~Ebay Shopping/Bidding Tips~

Ebay does have items that you can just buy and don't have to bid. Ebay bidding can be very annoying sometimes. You have to go back and check on the bidded item on a regular to see if anyone else has bidded on your item; and if they have then you have to bid again. Now here is the frustrating part, just like you are watching the item, a person somewhere is watching the item too so right after you bid again they may bid right back.

After bidding again maybe twice just wait until the auction time counts down to the seconds and then bid again. You better your chances of winning.

Now don't go crazy (like I did when I first started bidding) just because you like an item. Determine the worth of the item first. Set a limit on the item and have a price in mind that you are willing to spend on that item. This avoids overspending.

A Little More About Ebay
Ebay is set up where you can type in the item you are looking for into the search box. You can include the size that you are looking for and the price that you don't want to spend over and you can even choose if you want that items to have free shipping.
Personally I only bid on clothing & accessories if it has free shipping. Paying for shipping is like throwing money in the thrash.
You may see an item that you like on ebay and you have to pay the shipping for it. The only way I would pay for shipping is if the shipping is .99 cents but other than that I don't pay for shipping. I can spare $1.00 (I guess).
What Do I Need To Do To Start Ebay Shopping?
Go to ebay.com
Click on register at the top of the page to set up your free account
You will be given an option of how you would like to pay for your items. I use paypal. I highly recommend using paypal. Paypal allows you to pay for your items without the ebay seller getting your card information.
Just go to paypal.com and set up your free account there. 

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