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I really love online shopping especially on those days when I want new clothes but just don't feel like leaving out the house. I'm sure you know the feeling.

I used to be very leary about onling shopping because of security issues but when I started doing my research on low budget clothing that is offered online versus going to some of the local stores then I gave it a chance. I have been online shopping for about 2 years now.

Everytime I get a knock at the door I know its the delivery man with my goodies.

There are pros and cons that comes along with online shopping.

  • Shop from the comfort of your own home without the crowd.

  • Security Issues
  • Can't try on the clothes
  • If clothes don't fit then you have to ship back for an exchange or refund.
  • Clothes sometime do not look exactly the same as it did online

Pay careful attention to what you are ordering especially the material and size of the clothing. You may wear a small but may need a x-small in there clothes.

One time I ordered a jumpsuit online for $10. From the picture online the jumpsuit looked dark grey but when I got it the jumpsuit was light grey. The jumpsuit looked very slim fitted on the model but It was very wide leg. I order a size small but it was too big for me. That was the only thing that I ordered so I just kept it to avoid giving it back. So now I just wear it around the house. It's comfortable though.

As long as I have been online shopping I have never had any security issues with paying online. I prefer Paypal though. It's much safer. The seller can't get your card infomation then but some online shopping sites do not have the paypal option.

Online Shopping Tips

  • If for some reason you don't feel right ordering from a site then don't. Just shop from the sites that you feel most comfortable with shopping from.
  • Know what exact size you may need to avoid having to ship the item back. Many sites have a sizing chart that can help guide you to what size you may need.
  • Pay attention to the size and material so you can know exactly what you are ordering. Even if you can't see the picture that well try to increase the zoom on your computer to get a better look.
  • Pay attention to shipping costs. Shipping costs can be extremely high on some of these sites. 
  • Measure yourself with a tape measure (bust, waist, hips). On some sites they may give you the measurements instead of the actual size in numbers (5,6,7 or s,m,l)
  • Search online for promo codes for those sites.(google) There may be a free shipping code or a % off code that you can use toward your purchase.
  • If you have questions about an item please ask questions before you place your order.
Here are some online stores I have shopped from

The15DollarStore, Inc.

Free fashion jewelry at Just Pay $6.99 S&P.

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