Discount Store Shopping

I am not sure what discount stores that you have in your area but my favorite discount store is Ross. Everytime I go in there I make sure to grab a basket because I know I'm about to rack up.

In discount stores everything in the store is marked down. You will not pay full price for anything. Now that's what i'm talking about!!

I usually purchase my dresses and handbags from Ross. My last shopping trip @ Ross I found a black and pink color block dress for $3.99. It was marked down twice.

Now you know I wasn't about to leave that deal in the store for some other flysista to grab!

I have my way of tackling discount stores. You may miss a good deal if you don't take your time and look. I make sure I touch every item in my size because sometimes the clothes can be so tight together on the rack and you may miss something.

So take your time.

                           ~Discount Store Shopping Tips~

  • Be Patience
  • Take your time to look.
  • Look at every item in your size so that you will not miss out.
  • Don't be afraid to try new items that you normally would not wear. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can be a good thing. I wasn't a fan of color block but it's in style now and for me it wasn't about just expanding my wardrobe but being in style as well.




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