Saturday, January 5, 2013

$10 Dollar Mall: Pajama Sets

$10 Dollar Mall
The best kept hidden secret is the $10 Dollar mall.  I really needed pajamas. I was the one sleeping in a big t shirt and jogging pants. Yes I am gulity of that. When I was thinking of ways to expand my wardrobe well pajamas came to my mind. Pajamas are apart of your sleeping wardrobe too.
So here I was on google seaching for low cost pajamas and the only adult pajamas that I was finding was at least $20.00 for a set or more. Well I refuse to pay that much for something to sleep in so I ran across $10 Dollar Mall website.
I was able to find 3 whole sets of pajamas for $10.00 each. They are colorful and they are cute. I will be rocking these on my way to bed.

Head on over and get you a pair!!!!!! >

Guess what???? I also found my daughter 2 pair of pajama sets as well for $10.00 each. She loves them and they also had her favorite animated characters on them.

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