Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thrift Store: WORKING IT!

If you have never been to a thrift store before and you are thinking about going in then think no longer. I never thought I would be thrift store shopping the way that I am now but It has really became a fun hobby of mines.

Some people think that they are too good to shop there. Some think that I would rather buy it new. Some just have the money to go on big shopping trips and spend tons of money. I used to be part of that some until I went in the thrift store myself and seen the quality of clothing that's in there.

Many think that thrift stores have old, out of style and out of date clothing that nobody wants. You will surprised. I keep telling you!!!. There are people that simply just give there clothes away because they are too little not necessarily because they are out of date or style.

If you fit in to one of the categories above then you have to change your way of thinking if you ever decide to thrift shop. Your frame of mind when in these type stores will help you to pick up many items that you probably would look over just because it's not new.

If it's name brands that you are looking for then guess what; thrift stores carry name brands as well. No I'm not just talking out the side of my neck. I actually know because I have purchased several name brand pieces.

I wish I would have took a picture of my closet before I started thrift store shopping so that you can see how much my wardrobe has expanded due to thrift stores. I wash them, drop in some fabric softener, dry, iron and put them on as if they were brand new when I bought them.

No holes, cute clothes, rock on girl!!!!!

Tan Sweater $2.99 (Thrift Store)
Pocket Denim Jeans $3.99 (Thrift Store)
Boots $34.99 (Payless)
Bracelet $1.00 (Z's Outlet)

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